Tuesday Tutorial: Tungsten Surveyor

If you’re a nymph angler and you haven’t used a jig hook nymph yet, you should give it a try. It might irk traditionalists but a jig-action is a proven technique borrowed from the spin-fishing world and a jugged nymph works wonders- delivered by a fly line of course. There are two real advantages that a jig hook provides: the first is the inherent action that it gives a fly, and the second is the hook tends to set better in a fish’s mouth and hold on longer due to the angle of pressure. That means more hookups, and those are good. The tungsten surveyor is a great jig fly to start your jig nymph collection because it flat catches fish, and it is a super quick and easy tie. The competitive fly anglers all swear by this one, and those guys are the true definition of numbers anglers. This tutorial from Gilbert Rowley is also a fun one, he is an excellent tyer and adds some humor as well. If you’re having trouble finding jig hooks and slotted beads in your local shop, just let them know you’re looking for them and they’ll help you out. Otherwise, you of course can order them online, but be sure to hit the shop first. Let them know you’re interested so that you can keep your sale local and help them out. It’s the least you can do for all the help a local fly shop and all it’s knowledge can give to you! Grab a pack of jig hooks, slotted beads and get spinning your next big “go-to” fly, the Tungsten Surveyor.


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