Weekend Warrior: Go Mo

This weekend’s weather is trending toward a Mo trip. If you want to get snowed on, Saturday seems to be your best bet. Sunday might be clearer. But the Missouri sounds like the closest bestest option going for fishing in western Montana. Want a career in flyfishing? A good place to start could be Headhunters fly shop, where summer hiring is underway. Brush off your fishy resume and drop it off before you hit the water. Either way, the inversion here in Missoula ain’t going nowhere so your best bet for some smiles is to get out of the valley and enjoy whatever form of water you choose. Skiing? Shred-sledding? Snowshoeing? Who cares, as long as you get out in the fresh air and out from the clouds of blah here in the valley.
If you’re not getting out, there is still a way to get your fishy thoughts under control as Hank Patterson is hitting the Wilma on Saturday night with his new film “Mystery of the CuttyRainBrown” with a pre-party at the one and only Grizzly Hackle. Tickets are still available, only at the Hackle, and you’re sure to run into someone willing to gear up and hit the water as you sidle up to the new liquor-serving Wilma bar.
Wading is possible on some of Missoula’s rivers, though you gotta be careful about the help ice. Find a safe path to the water and drop them worms real deep and slow. Wire worm? Sure. Big ole stonefly holding down a nice little nugget? Sure, as long as that nugget is hot pink. You’ll find the fish, or get cold trying. Either way, this weekend might be the one to get out of the valley and see what’s out there. Upper Clark fork. Like way upper. Good luck.

See that bobber up there? Learn to love it, because it’s the middle of winter here in the valley.
 See those clear skies? Seek ’em out, you’re looking a little pale these days. 

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