F3 Coming to Missoula Ja. 30

Its the big show, featuring some of the bet fly fishing films of the year and it hits town right when you need it the most. That’s right, the 2016 Fly Fishing Film Tour will be back at the newly remodeled Wilma Theater on January 30th, for two shows and a whole lot of rowdy locals ready to let loose. Tickets are available online and at your local flyshops, but get them fast because this show sells out in a hurry. If you’re bringing the kids and want to make it through the show without beer spilled on your shoes, hit the 4pm shot. Because the 8pm shot is usually filled to the brim with dudes with seats reserved at Charlie B’s most nights, and a whole lot of winter-fevered guides and dirtballs who hoot and holler until your ears ring.

Fellow Mainer turned Montanan, seasoned guide Tom Gagnon knows what to look for at the Fly Fishing Film Tour in Missoula. He and his buddies BINGO sheets say it all. Yahoos, Yeehaws, and too much of everything Missoula.

Things get a little rowdy, but in a good way. When a typical catcall is, “Nice Loop!” when a film shows a slo-mo cast (every single film shows a slow motion cast. Every. Single. Film.) you know you’re in fishy company, and that’s always a good thing. Get your tickets and see you at the show. I’ll be the one in the sun hat and flip flops with an acoustic guitar. Tickets available at: The Grizzly Hackle, the Missoulian Angler, and online.



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