Weekend Warriors: Wet and Wild

The weather for the next few days looks wet and wetter, snow in the hills and drizzly rain type stuff in the valleys. But with warmer weather in the past week and the outlook the same, conditions on the rivers are very fishable. The one and only Grizzly Hackle had a guide boat on the water this week, and fish in the boat all day. Did I mention it is January? Good stuff. Stop down there for the skinny if you’re out and about. Buy some flies. Hell, buy yourself a new rod. You deserve it, you classy son of a bitch.

No Shelf Ice? Yep. No shelf Ice. Not everywhere at least. Go get some.

If you’re headed out this weekend the obvious choices are the way to go. Rock Creek is good this time of year. The Bitterroot is gooder. Hike a bit. Find some space and some open water and go with the obvious flies. You know, the pink ones and the hot beaded bullshit. Low and slow, and give it a few more casts than you would otherwise. January fish aren’t moving across the pool to get a bite to eat, so cover every inch of the likely water before heading to another spot. Streamers? Sure. As long as it’s moving slow. Dries? Probably not. Maybe some midge action but that really won’t pick up until mid-february most years. With wet weather predicted there won’t be a lot of warmth to help a fledgling hatch along anyways. So stick with the nymphing game and pack the waterproof layers. 

Lloyd knows which flies to bring this weekend. Worms.


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