Chubby Infestation

Tying season means I tend to stack finished flies on any surface high enough to keep out of dog and kid’s reach. Hence this photo of an infestation of foam and rubberlegs that is slowly taking up space on the countertop. When it comes to flies I know I will go through in a hurry, the chubby chernobyl takes up a whole lot of slots in the “big foam stuff” box. It might make you feel a little dirty when you pass up that meticulously tied bullethead and CDC stone for this homely thing, but like a frat boy at the end of the keg party eyeing the lonely girl with the lazy eye, you’ve got a good chance of getting lucky when you go for the chubby one. All joking aside, I’m a big fan of the chubby chernobyl for its ugly attractiveness and it’s dropper-holder-upper capabilities. (That there is fancy speaking I learnt at college.) Frankly, there aren’t a lot of flies that can be produced so quickly that can play so many angles from a moving boat, and since I spend the majority of my time helping anglers improve their fishing a fly that covers lots of ground is a great option for our freestone rivers. High visibility, sits low in the water without sinking completely, and just flat out works for so many of out bigger stonefly hatches as well as the hoppers that become staples of the late season. Either way, it’s taking up a lot of space on this tabletop for the moment. The Chubby Behemoth is here for your souls. There will be no survivors. 

The chubby is about as far from a realistic pattern as you can get.
It’s like those celebrity impersonators bilking tourists in Times Square-
 it only vaguely resembles the real thing, and only if you squint.

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