Weekend Warriors: Down and Dirty

Tut tut, looks like rain. The forecast for the weekend is wet and more of it, with possible snow but temps staying high enough that it will probably figure out to rain for most of the valley. What does this mean for your fishing chances? Well, other than the possibility of soggy socks, things look very fishable around Missoula. The standard winter rigs are going to be the best play: slow, dirty, and way down deep. Like a big fat funky baseline. The obvious choice for the best fishing is going to be down the Bitterroot, where lots of wadeable water and space will get you going. Rock Creek is also an option, and the Clark Fork is wide open. I even saw a dude fishing below the Doubletree hotel yesterday, though for my money if I’m going to bother wadering up I’m getting out of town a ways.

See that bank behind me? That’s a good place to start your wading.
Weather won’t be this nice though, cause this was sometime last season.

With the Fly Fishing Flim Tour coming to town, the best bet might be to hit the root for a few hours then warm up at the Grizzly Hackle’s pre-party before the show. That might not be such helpful advice when it comes to fishing, but lets face it: It’s winter. Things remain roughly the same for the duration. Find nice water, get the nymph rig rolling and find some slow eaters. You can do it.


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