And There It Went, Gone

The 2016 Fly Fishing Film Tour swept through Missoula this past weekend, and left in it’s wake a whole lot of excitement for the 2016 season as well as a literal boatload full of free swag (and maybe even more hangovers). A great set of films was featured, including the standout film from local filmmaker Grant Wiswell at Castaway Films, “Water Is Life”, which follows insane anglers like Drew Miller and Jako Lucas fishing in some of the most incredible settings imaginable.

Off on another adventure. The Castaway Films crew getting in done in Argentina. Jealous yet?
Screenshot via “Water Is Life by Castaway Films.

All of the films this year were excellent, and true examples of just how far filmmaking in our sport has come in a short time. Talk about setting the bar high; long gone are the days where a single camera and some choppy edits are going to cut it. These films are just flat out beautiful all around. If you have a chance to catch the show in a city near you, don’t let it pass you by. Kudos to the filmmakers, the anglers, and the tour organizers and thanks for setting the stoke level high in the dead of winter. Water is Life Trailer from Castaway Films on Vimeo.


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