Tuesday Tutorial: Glass Baetis

A great Baetis dropper is a thing of beauty, and tends to hook fish like crazy in the spring, fall and sometimes everything in between. While your winter tying schedule might feature most of your staple flies and a bit of this and that, this is a bit of that you should tie up a few extra of because it is a fly that gets noticed. Almost completely translucent when finished with and UV resin, and super slim profiled with a cool class bead thorax makes this fly stand out in the box and in the water. It can be tricky to tie this fly the first few times, but once you have the process down you’ll like what you see. My advice is to find the right glass beads- too often with all beaded flies we tend to oversize the bead and the result just isn’t pretty in these smaller sizes. Start with a size 16 hook, and go down from there. I tie mine in 18, and though Baetis are present all the way down to the teensy tiny sub-twenty range, I stop at a 20 because I can. For this pattern, stick with a larger size until you get the hang of those little annoying beads! The resulting fly is just a cool little standout. Does it out fish a Barr emerger or other pattern? Maybe. But it’s winter, and tying something tricky every once in a while keeps us sharp. Give it a shot.


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