Throwback Thursday: Sun Spots on the Bitterroot

We’ve had some much needed precipitation here in Missoula this week, and it look like there is more on the way. That’s a good thing all around. We need water for fishing, and frozen water for sliding downhill fast. Two of my favorite things. With the clouds, rain, snow and inversions in the Missoula valley these days, it’s sometimes necessary to take a jump back in time to sun and warmth on the rivers just to keep your sanity. For this week’s Throwback Thursday, we’ll keep it wet with a shot of high noon sun reflecting off the water, and the sleek spots of a Bitterroot brown trout. It won’t be long now before we’re in the thick of the season, no matter how far away it feels while you’re trimming deer hair at the vise. Here’s to sun and spots on the Bitterroot, and a #throwbackthursday worth the wait.

Here’s one headed back to the shade in the middle of June.

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