You Should’ve Gone Fishing

Has anyone figured out why there hasn’t been a national “Day After the Super Bowl” holiday called yet in America? How many other days are literally sponsored by Budweiser to the point that the winning quarterback is legally contracted to plug them in their thank you speech, yet everyone is expected to go to work the next day like way too much pizza and beer wasn’t just consumed while remaining in a sedentary position for four hours. I got jokes, even: What is the difference between Cam Newton and a Fig Newton? Nothing, they are both soft and crumble under pressure. Boom.  

As far as fishing goes, Super Bowl Sunday was a beautiful day to hit the river here in Missoula. Sun and mild temps with not a trace of wind, and open water in all the right places. There’s not a lot of days in February that look like that around here. A flashy nymph and a couple of split shot played in the slow seams… Better than the look on Eli Manning’s face when his soul left his body as he realized he will forever be the lesser Manning. Television gold, right there. 
This size twelve golden stone nymph scored more offensive touchdowns than the Broncos in the Super Bowl.
Ok, that’s not true but it will catch more fish than the Panthers receivers caught passes.

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