Winter Ain’t Over Yet

With another burst of warm weather in sunshine, we’re seeing a lot of puffy coats tossed aside in haste – but that could be very premature. There’s a lot of winter left to drop snow and cold on us – but if you’re able to hit the river this week by all means get out there. There have been decent midge hatches in the afternoons, and the unusually warm and sunny weather has fish willing to move a tad bit more for a dead-drifted streamer than a week ago. If you’re busy at the tying bench, this warm spell should kick you into high gear. You’re almost there. Fill those boxes with the heavy hitters because skwalas aren’t as far off as it may seem. Right around the corner. Ok, two corners from now. How long is a corner? Never mind.
One of the coolest things to happen this week, which you might have seen in one of the local papers or on your Facebook feed is the great photos that Rattlesnake resident Brian Norstrant took of a pair of wolves on the hunt, corralling a herd of elk on Mount Jumbo. What an awesome sight, and a reminder that the wildlife is all around us here in Missoula. Get out and enjoy the sunshine, because it won’t last forever. And if you’re an elk, I’d steer clear of the Rattlesnake for a bit.

A pair of wolves do what they do best on Mount Jumbo in the Rattlesnake, caught on film by Brian Norstrant.
 What a cool sight right at our doorstep.

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