Throwback Thursday: Fishing With The Fam

In Missoula, we live on the rivers. And so do our families. It’s not uncommon while fishing our rivers to see a family raft barging by, filled to the brim with kids, squirt guns, and fun. we love running into old friends hanging in float tubes, or guides on their days off with the little squirts hanging where the sports usually ride, enjoying what we live for. For lots of Missoula kids, summer means getting out on the water any way they can, and fishing goes right along with it. Fishing with kids is great fun, as long as you remember to bring lots of juice boxes and distractions for when the fish don’t cooperate. And make sure those life jackets are handy. Make it a point to bring a kid fishing, and they’ll find a connection to nature that they might otherwise never get to experience.  Here’s to sunny Montana summer days, and family fun on the river- and a #throwbackthursday shot with the whole gang in tow.

When the trout cooperate, it makes the family float that much better.
Juice boxes, sun protection, and big fat Clark Fork trout. Some lucky kids.

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