All Directions to Trout

President’s Day weekend is a great time to get the lead out and hit the water. And lucky for Missoula residents, you can pretty much pick a direction and head that way and sooner than later you’ll find trout. While a lot of boats headed to the Missouri for some consistent conditions and good times, the water closer to town was busy with boats and waders as well – with good result. Fish pics abound in the ether of social media, and there’s nothing better than seeing smiling anglers in the middle of what should be the dead of winter. Is winter done with us? Not likely. March and April traditionally dump a lot of water into the hills, and if we’re lucky this year will be no different. So enjoy the warm spell and if you can get out, do so.

The higher you go on the west fork of the Bitterroot, the more likely it is you find a few of these fine fellows.
 Zach Orth made the most of the drive and found some space from the “crowds” of the lower river in February. 

Pick a river and give it a shot. Open water is around, and the fish are enjoying the mild temperatures as much as we are.


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