Tuesday Tutorial: Galloup’s Goober Midge

With the mild weather we’ve been having this week, there have been plenty of midge fishing opportunities on the Bitterroot, and it should only get better as the month wears on. Every day is a day to carry some midges in your flybox, but late winter is when these little guys really take center stage, as they are often the only food source trout see consistently on a daily basis. A zebra midge will really cover any of the underwater stuff, though lately I’ve been really liking the “slasher”, a midge pattern by Rich Strolls for those duties, but when it comes to dry fly midge patterns it is hard to beat Kelly Galloup’s Goober Midge. The Goober Midge has a great profile in the water with a slump body and flat wings and stays floating right in that sweet spot. If you are headed out this week and can’t break the code, a midge is a great bet for finding fish in February, and most likely your only chance at fishing a dry fly. When you’ve given up on clearing the winter river snot from your nymph rig, give this one a shot. It might change the day for you.


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