Rivers Up and Rolling

The freestone rivers around Missoula are up, and the Clark Fork is churning brown runoff water through town. The river surfers are pumped, and if you’re in for some entertainment and you’re in downtown Missoula in the afternoons you can already catch them riding the wave. In February. We need more snow and cold, but this current bump in the rivers is sure to get things moving underneath. A little runoff early can’t all be bad can it? Let’s just pretend things are totally fine. Things are fine.

The warm spell also rushed along the ice out on many area still waters, and the big fish of ice out are showing up for anglers willing to take the trek.

These guys aren’t too far off. If the weather stays warm it might be sooner than later. 

While the rivers are pushing through some runoff, it just works to alert us down in the valley that things are starting earlier these days, and we might be looking at another season where spring is hot, summer is slow, and fall can’t come soon enough when the dog days of August are upon us. For now, enjoy the weather and hope for more snow and precipitation in the hills, and don’t freak out just yet. There will be plenty of water this year. Right now the levels look good, sitting in the high 90s of the “normal” range. But with warm weather on the way for most of the foreseeable future, lets hope it stays that way. Who’s freaking out a bit? I’m totally not. I’m fine! Things are fine.


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