Weekend Warriors: Stay The Course

Mother nature must read my blog, because yesterday I asked for some precipitation and she delivered with a downpour overnight that might bump the rivers a bit and if we’re lucky leave some snow in the hills. Sure, it was rain in the valley, but beggars can’t be choosers. As far as weather for the weekend goes, it looks like the temps will hover right around the 40 degree mark. And that means fish on. With the bump in the main stems of most rivers, if you’re planning on trying to fish this weekend your best bets will be lakes where the shelf ice has receded, and of course the mighty Missouri. If you are headed out, with a bump in rivers and a bit of color to the water, dead drifting streamers is going to be your power move. Drop a worm pattern behind your streamer and look for those slow patches, seams and anywhere that looks fishy. And by fishy we’re talking winter fishy: slow inside bends, tail-outs, and drop-off pools where your streamer can bounce in and come out with a fish on the end. 

Dropping this dirty Pigsticker behind a slow twitched streamer
can be a big move in off color water like we’ll see on most rivers this weekend. 
Stick with streamers on the smaller side and have a good deal of flash- single hook streamers like the Kreelex, the sparkle minnow and the likes for most of your streamer work. The common thought is to go big and visible when the water is off color but avoid this type of thinking! The fish can see in this stuff, they live in it for a good portion of their lives and without getting too technical about fish vision, suffice to say that a dark streamer in dark water can be picked up by a fish and eaten, and will be. For those drop off pools, jiggy streamers like John Barr’s Slumpbuster are just killer. If you’re not seeing fish on the streamers, of course there’s always nymphing. If you’re on the Missouri, the nymph game looks to be decent these days, and remember the still water fishing is where it is at if you do your research right and are willing to make the drive. It’s February, and surprisingly, things are heating up. Get out there. 

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