Don’t Go To The Mo Without It

With this February warm spell here in Montana, the minds of many western Montana anglers turns to the Mo. Without a doubt, the Missouri river is one of the best winter fisheries around. Sure, there is still snow falling in the hills but the rivers are shaping up nicely and there are plenty of opportunities to fish close to Missoula, but nothing compares to the productivity of the Missouri when it comes to winter fishing. As spring progresses we all head over the divide more and more, and now the boys over at Headhunters in Craig have added yet another indispensable resource to their already great website: Mobile Fishing Reports. Yep, short videos with plenty of fish advice for those packing the boxes, and enough fish porn to tip the scales if you’re on the fence about where to head on the weekend. Optimized for your phone. What will they think of next?

Shane Wilson from Headhunters doing what guides do on their days off. More fishing. Thanks, Headhunters for another great resource with your new video reports!


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