Tuesday Tutorial: Trigger Baetis

This past weekend as the sun warmed up a particularly slow section of the Bitterroot, my buddy spotted a group of baetids hatching and called me over to the spot, knowing how much I like to nerd out on bugs. We shared a serious fishing nerd moment as we watched the emerging bugs break the surface, and even caught sight of some of the duns a bit downstream. Sure, I could claim for sure they were baetis “proper” but since the members of the baetidae family are the most commonly misidentified aquatic insect, due to their being twenty some-odd species, I’ll just call them Blue Wing Olives like a regular sane person would. But whenever there’s BWOs present, and early spring is a prime example, you should get excited. Fish eat ’em. It’s cool. And this Trigger Baetis from Fly Fishing & Dreams is an excellent tutorial for a great producing fly for just the kind of situation my friend and I found ourselves in this weekend. The pacing of the tying is easy to keep up with, the instructions are spot-on, and the resulting fly is one you’re going to need around Missoula in the next few weeks, as it seems spring has sprung for the time being. Get your BWO on.


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