Bye, Felicia

Rivers are warming steadily under bright sun these days, and it’s almost enough to feel like giving winter that final send off. This weather has the first whispers of skwala on some angler’s tongues, but lets not get our waders in a bunch just yet. We’re going to need a wet and wild spring to keep the rivers in good shape come the hot summer days, but for now there sure are a lot of people buzzing about fishing. And there’s a lot to talk about! Sure, we might have learned this week that blaming the Drake Magazine for your mishandling of bull trout is a flimsy defense, but there’s been positive talk on the waters as well and lets focus on that. The Bitterroot Supply Ditch Diversion Plan (otherwise known as the “what are they doing about the diversion at Woodside”) was unveiled by the Morrison Mairle firm in Hamilton last night, and it sounds like the work will begin on eliminating that dangerous rolling wave  in October (barring any issues with the permitting process). Does that mean it will still be there for most of the 2016 season? Yes, yes it does. But starting next season that notorious danger on the Bitterroot will start looking a little safer, and fish will be able to move more freely over the dam as well. So a hearty “Bye, Felicia!” can be said to that problem if we’re lucky. Now, winter? I’m hoping we can hold on to that a little longer. 

The winter might be leaving us faster than this brown trout headed back to the depths of the Bitterroot. 

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