Throwback Thursday: Fish on the Twitch

We’re coming up on skwala season here in Missoula, and there’s nothing that screams skwala more than skittering a bug in the skinny stuff. Twitching it, dragging it, popping it, giving it a quick jerk sometimes makes fish gobble up your fly when nothing else seems to be working, and with those big flies there’s nothing better. Even better are the fish that eat when you’ve given up on your drift and your eyes are a mile off your fly, and as it drags over a hole you suddenly come up with a fish. That’s when it is of the utmost importance to pretend you meant to do it. It’s all technique.  Here’s to the anti-dead drift. The dragged fly. The skitter-twitch-plop, hell they ate it anyway presentation that makes us shrug our shoulders and remember that it’s just fishing, after all. And here’s to a Throwback Thursday shot of a Blackfoot River cutthroat trout that fell for an October Caddis bouncing by it’s hole.

A skittering October Caddis made this cutthroat take in late fall on the Blackfoot.

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