It’s Streamer Season

Nymphs are working. Dries are working if you like the tiny stuff and hit it at just the right time. But for most early spring fishing, it’s streamer season out there. We’re tying them, we’re tossing them, and fish are taking them. Good stuff on slow strips, jigs, and dead-drifting plunge pools. Small ones are working. Big ones are working. Hit the river and keep your loops tight so you don’t take an ear off. Lots of fish moving on the streamers for Missoula anglers this weekend, and with the weather looking to warm over the week to the almost 60s by the weekend (really.) the streamer bite should improve all week long. Give it a shot, twitch them and strip them and let them roll into deep spots. You’ll find some good ones.

This brown took a sculpin pattern dropped off the shelf of a plunge pool this weekend.
Chucking streamers in the cold keeps you a lot warmer than watching the bobber. 

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