Tuesday Tutorial: Mini BDL

Smaller streamers have taken a backseat in the collective consciousness of the fly fishing world, replaced by double articulated monsters that are aimed at trophy hunting for the big boys. But the thing about small streamers is that they never stopped working. Smaller streamers still catch a lot of fish, and there are a lot of benefits to taking that monster pattern you like and slimming it down a bit. The same tricks that makes them move and wiggle so well in larger sizes works just the same for their smaller counterparts, and they are a lot easier to cast. I like small streamers on all the tributaries around Missoula this time of year, and the Mini BDL is the kind of pattern that is both fun to tie and produces amazing results. The guys at North 40 Fly Shop have a decent tutorial for this fly, which incorporates a couple of techniques borrowed from larger streamer design to give it a unique look. A stinger hook and rabbit strip are a deadly combination. A little flash, but not too much, and a color contrast that mimics the natural contrast you find in baitfish. But most impressive is the spinning of the rabbit strip to form the collar. This technique is rarely used and it really produces a cool looking fly. Tie up a few of these in your smaller sizes and you won’t be disappointed.


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