Should We Be Calling it Early?

Rain, not snow, is the menu for most of the week here in Missoula. Some sun toward the end of the week, and temperatures climbing to the mid 50s. Should we be calling it spring a little early around here? Maybe. But the weather also points to strong fishing, and while we could be calling it early like a Trump victory, there is still the chance of a brokered convention – I mean, a wet and cold late spring. That would be nice. In the meantime, more streamers and underwater stuff is on the menu, and any minute now it could turn a corner on those early stoneflies. If you haven’t filled your boxes yet, its getting near closing time for winter. Is it time to make some predictions about water levels, summer numbers, and the like? Not yet. We can wait a bit, and remember that our historically wettest months are still ahead. Keep the rain jacket handy.

Streamers continue to rule the day, but with this warm weather continuing the fishing should only
improve on all kinds of flies. 


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