Tuesday Tutorial: Guide Strip Leech

Spring fishing has been very good lately, and though some bugs are popping and fish are being taken on top, the variable weather this week and throughout spring make the streamer game a fun and productive way to fish most days. Since the majority of my tying is for guide boxes, the streamers I like to carry a lot of are usually simple and effective. The multi-material stuff with tons of flash and fur  is super fun to tie, but not so fun to lose. In early spring I want to get a fly out there and play it close to stuff that tends to grab a fly and take it for it’s own- things like new downed trees and other structure. So the flies that don’t cause heartache to lose are always a good bet. As an added bonus, I don’t think they have any trouble moving fish either. This simple rabbit-strip fly is a great example of that kind of fly. Easy to tie, only a handful of materials and very fishy. In this tutorial from North 40 Fly Shop a Waddington shank is used for the body of the fly, but if you don’t have any on hand you can always use a regular hook and snip off the point when the fly is done. Other than that, this thing is ready to fish and it shouldn’t take you too long to tie up a few for your next spring fishing day.


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