Tuesday Tutorial: Kaufmann’s Stone

Classics endure for a reason, and when it comes to stonefly nymph patterns, the Kaufmann’s Stone sticks around because it is a certified fish fooler. Buggy and realistic without using a ton of crazy techniques, this stonefly can be tired in every size and shade of the naturals, and is a lot more elegant than the rubbberlegs you might usually use. I find it works better in some situations, especially when the fish are seeing a ton of stonefly patterns being tossed at them. (Like when the boat barrage hits this weekend.) The Kaufmann’s stone can be much more effective in these situations, and looks better all around to the angler as well. For skwalas, I tie these in a deep purple, olive, hare’s ear, and black. You can contrast the rib color, make them flashy, or keep them dull and dark. Kaufmann’s own dubbing of course work great, but you can go with wherever buggy nymph dub you like. I like an olive simi seal. Your choice. This tutorial from Hammer Creek Flyfishing is clear and concise, and should get you started on the classic right away. Sure, the first ones you tie might take a little longer, but by the end of your first dozen you’ll be cranking them out.


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