Fish The Green Stuff

It’s St. Patricks day, which means only the green flies will work today. Get out the Green Weenie, the Little Green Machine, and all your other groovy green flies and give them a fling. Or maybe you want to go with the traditional Irish wet flies and do it right. What could be cooler than fishing flies with a names like “The Bloody Butcher” or “The Connemara Black”? Nothing would be better on this holiday than giving the traditional swing a try, and it’s perfect for the season. Swung flies in March sounds about right. 

Green, feather wing, Irish… It’ll work.
What constitutes a traditional Irish wet fly? There are a few characteristics that are essential, and some that just scream old school style: matched pair feather wings, jungle cock eyes, and pheasant tails. They sure are pretty, and they still fool trout. You might not find an exact match in a fly shop the days, but you can make do with any smaller swung fly, and if you’re really ambitious today would be a great day to tie one of your own. It’s sure to be lucky, right? Swinging a fly is a lot of fun, less intense, and works when other methods have you stumped.  So hit the river today with a few wet flies in the pack and see what happens. Hell, you can always get yourself a green beer on the way home. 

Irish eyes are shining. Green flies are good luck.

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