Spring Is Just How We Like It

The calendar says it’s officially spring, and based on the last two days of sunshine and waking up to steady rain this morning I’d say that’s about right. Spring in Montana, good stuff. Good if you like cold mornings and stripping layers by noon, and then rushing to put them back on when a snow squall comes over the hills. Good if you like streamers in the morning followed by dries until the boat ramp. Good if you like rainy days where you’ve got the river to yourself and sunny days when there’s a crusty angler shaking off cabin fever in every hole. Yep, spring’s just how we like it in Missoula. Not here in Montana? Get here. Outfitters run spring specials, and spirits on the river are a lot more pleasant than they are on a hot and long August day with the fish hunkered down. Sure, there might be nothing doing on the end of your line for long periods of the day, but there’s nothing like fishing Montana’s rivers in spring. Get yourself some spring fishing today. You won’t be sorry.

In case you’re ever wondering why my truck smells like wet dog all the time.
It’s because there’s a wet dog in it all the time.


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