Embrace the Mayfly

Yes, it’s all skwala all the time around Missoula in March. The dry fly bite is on with the cloudy mixed weather we’re experiencing this week, and we’re seeing lots of happy anglers with cold fingers. Good stuff on the skwala. But what about when it isn’t? Then it’s time to switch tactics, and keep in mind the mayfly bite will continue to gain traction as March winds up and April brings more mixed weather and fishy situations. In the spring, lots of fun mayfly species are about and their importance to fish should make them important to you as well. Nymphing? Try a slim mayfly pattern in your rig. Skwala not getting eaten? Look around and try a mayfly pattern in the slow stuff. Embrace the mayfly, and know your sub-hatches. Your fishing will thank you.

This Cutthroat was happily eating emergers until he connected with a smaller parachute adams in the film,
after a skwala dry was drifted over him with no interest.

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