Throwback Thursday: Don’t Text And Drive

If you live in Missoula you’re going to see a lot of drift boats on trailers rolling by in the streets. If you happen to hit the Albertson’s parking lot around 7 am on a summer day you’ll be hard pressed to find a parking spot that isn’t taken by a guide rig. So you best get used to seeing them, and driving around them. Now, we all know it is dangerous to text and drive as well. Put the two together and bad things happen. Here’s to safer roads this summer with a throwback Thursday of what a text can cost you on the road. Just a little reminder to stay safe out there on the roads, and to always give boat trailers a little room in case you can’t see those lights. And put the phone down. That text can wait.

Missoula guide Kurt Long finds a new way to transport his drift boat. On top of a tween’s moving car.
Notice the detail in the right corner. She still hasn’t put the phone down. 

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