Weekend Warriors: Skwala Spring Full Swing

Could this be the perfect weekend to fish the skwala hatch? Probably. Great fishing weather. Hatch is as regular as an octogenarian and a bran muffin. This could be your weekend to fish that one fly from ramp to ramp. Should be easy, right?
Hell. It’s still fishing, and there’s bound to be a catch. With the secret long gone on the Bitterroot skwala hatch the catch this week might be dodging boats and wade anglers. Depending on the section you pick, be prepared to share the water. Or you could get sneaky and gamble on another river and skip out on the crowds for some of the good stuff that is happening elsewhere. But we won’t talk about that. We all know you’re headed to the Bitterroot.

There are march browns about, and the nymphs look like this. Might want to give one a try.

So how are you going to catch the fish others miss? Solid fishing, that’s how. The best skwala anglers are bringing their A game and are already casting like it’s July, so you should too. Get dialed in, and drop that fly with precision. Look for the fishy spots and leave no good looking water alone for too long. Seams, inside bends, and back eddies are working big this time of year and fish are waiting for your perfect drift to fool them. Get those long drifts and give them time to see it. Leave it on the water.
What flies? Start your morning with a foam dry that’ll hold up a dropper and tie a san juan worm or a skwala nymph off the back. Or get sneaky and tie on a nice flat march brown nymph (of which there are lots on rocks these days). Give it a short leash. Two feet. No more than four. Search that water and then when the dry starts working sling it with abandon and clip that dropper off. Or do what I like to do and find a good log to stick it in and lose it forever.
If you like streamers, this weekend looks good for throwing that stuff as well. There’s no rhyme or reason to picking the right streamer this time of year, but I like the smaller stuff for moving more fish.
This is a great weekend to hit the water, so get out there and get it done.


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