Tuesday Tutorial: Orange Radiation Baetis

Not all fish caught in March are on the skwala. The BWOs and March Browns are about as well, and late afternoons you might chance upon a pod of fish that are working the hatches. A dropper that gets it done is worth having in your box. And since it’s no secret that things are going strong all over the region and fishing is good enough that sick days are getting cashed in on the regular, you better plan on not being alone out there. Lots of boats. Lots of fish. Good manners are a good idea out there, and a great baetis dropper is a good idea too. Shea Gunkel is a boss when it comes to baetis, and his Orange Radiation Baetis is a killer fly to stand out from the crowd. Not a lot of tricky parts to this fly, but the Loon UV Resin is a must have. Give a few of these a spot in your box, and get it done when the skwala doesn’t bring them up.


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