Throwback Thursday: The Frog Days of Summer

Things are gearing up in a big way in Missoula, with the Orvis Guide Rendezvous on the near horizon and the fishing out there nothing short of excellent. Guide boats are on the water daily, and nets are filling at an alarming rate on the Bitterroot, Clark Fork, and even the upper regions of the Blackfoot River. Yep, spring is good west of the continental divide, and the fish are looking up at a whole lot of bugs. But even this early in the game we’re hearing tales of what we’ll nicely call “aggressive fishing”. Macho boat ramp activity. Low-holing. Boats barging wade anglers. Not cool, bro. We all get a little too excited after a long winter away from the trout, and getting the chance to throw a big dry fly to rising trout is enough to bring out the competitive in lots of anglers. But now is as good a time as any to remember: its just fishing. We’re all in this together and the rivers we love should be happy places for all, not stomping grounds for jock behavior. No one likes a towel snapper. Give people room on the river, and if you want to be first to the hole then get up earlier. But remember, a good angler doesn’t need the best hole to catch fish. They find them where they are. Need something to give you a little reminder of the real joys of fishing and floating on Montana’s best rivers is all about? Hows about a smiling four year old that could care less if you doubled up in the last hole, because she’s got a bucket of frogs in her boat. Share the river, enjoy the fishing, and be prepared for things to get a little crowded out there this week. It’s all good. There’s another hole around the bend. Here’s to a great weekend on the water for all, and a Throwback Thursday that takes it back to the frog days of summer, when slow times on the river call for a swim and a smile. 

Sure, fishing is fun and all. But not if you take it too seriously. Stop and smell the frogs once in a while.


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