Tuesday Tutorial: Klinkhamer

As spring progresses and waters bump around the area, things are getting a bit tougher out there in spots, and we’ve covered lots of ways to get into fish when the water is off color from the workhorse bugger/worm combination to dead-drifted streamers in other posts. But one of the other things a quick bump in the rivers gives us is a moment to catch up on tying flies that we know we’ll need when the waters flatten back out. With the ups and downs of spring come lots of mayfly hatches: baetis, march browns, and my favorite the gray drake. A good emerger fly in spring can make the difference between a wet net and a dry day. When it comes to emergers, there might be no better fly than the Klinkhamer. The original fly hangs into the surface film and can be seen for miles with a nicely tied parachute wing. It flay works for lots of situations and can be tied in a variety of colors and sizes. I like a hi-viz version for spring when we’re just getting our “fly eyes” back on the water. As always, Tight Lines does an awesome tutorial. Get yourself some and find some good water this week!


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