Tuesday Tutorial: Rubber Leg Stimulator

The rivers are up, but fish are still being found if you give it a chance. Is this the start of the “big bump” of runoff? Probably not. We’ve got a lot more spring to run through here in Missoula. We’re into the locals fishing, the flow chart watching, the choose-your-spot-wisely time of year that sends a lot of folks over the hills to the Missouri where the fishing tends to get real nice right about now. Here in town things can also be great if you hit it just right and get those big ones to chase. Streamers, anyone? But the bumpy rivers can also give you a minute to get some tying out of the way, and for this week’s Tuesday Tutorial we’ve got the Rubber Leg Stimulator. This is a fly I rarely hit the river without, in some iteration or another. The classic yellow and orange is a go-to in the summer, and tied in a royal color combination this fly does some damage as well, My personal favorite is tying it with some sparkle dub in various hues. Olive is nice, and black too. The combination of wiggly legs and an already killer fly just work when others don’t, and is often a great “What the hell is going on out there?” fly that will take the skunk off. As always, this tutorial from In The Riffle is clear, concise, and will have you busting out these trout busters in no time.


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