Throwback Thursday: Every Picture Tells a Story

We’ve got a wonderful mixed bag of weather these days. The kind of Rocky Mountain spring days that spit snow one minute and blaze down sun the next. Love it. Rivers are up but nights are cool, and the weather seems just about perfect for throwing the Sparkle Minnow a few times to the softer spots and enjoying the ride in the boat for most of the day. Fishing ain’t hot right now, but that full blown runoff situation hasn’t truly hit and its worth a try anytime. There are big fish that really like to move in this kind of water, when smaller fish take a beating and the hunting is good. But with that sweet skwala window closing up, it’s time for a throwback Thursday that only has to roll the clock back a couple of weeks to sunny skies and clear water on the Bitterroot. 

When every angler is tossing skwalas at anything that looks even remotely fishy, its the well-protected spots that fish seek out and put the feed bag on in. Like the fish in this photo here, who found a nice pocket in between some classic Bitterroot wood to snag some food. A well-placed cast got him hooked up for Jayme just as I tried to tell her that setting the hook on a fish on the OPPOSITE side of a log was going to make for a weird fight, and before I could get the words out she’d tightened up the line and we were in for exactly that awkward fight. Through some whacky rod action and rowing around the bottom of the obstacle and back into the hole, we worked to extract the fish from the gobs of branches of the submerged trees it had hidden in. If you’d been on the bank to watch, you would’ve wanted to sell tickets because it was an extraordinary show of terrible instructions, laughter, and ugly rowing. By the time we got the fish in the net we could only shrug our shoulders that our terrible communication and teamwork had ever worked. Here’s to those fun moments on the river, and a #throwbackthursday that reminds you that every picture tells a story, but not the whole story by a long shot.  

This healthy cut bow was lurking on the far side of a submerged log, where an eat meant a weird fight with lots of bad direction giving by the guide. Good thing Jayme Erickson knows to ignore this guide in particular. 

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