Tuesday Tutorial: Shot Glass Baetis

This time of year lots of locals head over the hills to the Missouri river to get some consistent fishing in when the rivers do their up-down-brown-clear should’ve been here yesterday kind of thing, or what some guides like to refer to as “locals fishing”. For consistency, you can’t beat the Missouri. Sure you might bet your butt kicked their too, and sometimes it be like it do. But right now if you’re headed over there you’re going to want to get in on the BWO action. Reports of blanket hatches and bent rods have lots of anglers excited for that drive, but the one thing I wouldn’t be without when the days are sunny and bugs are still popping is a killer baetis dropper to get into fish that might not be willing to come all the way up in the bright sun. I’ve featured a few different patterns that can really get the job done, but this one is unique- and particularly effective when the hatches are big. It stands out among the naturals and just plain works. It can be a little bit of a pain to tie at first, and you always have the option of ordering these directly from the creator, Shea Gunkel who guides down on the South Platte, but I think it will be a satisfying tie for you when you give it a shot. Once you have them rolling you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can churn them out, and they look awesome lined up in a box ready for action. They work. Real good. Give it a shot if you’re headed over the hill, and find those fish that others miss.


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