Weekend Warriors: High Water Is Cool

High water ain’t bad water. Just throwing it out there. The fish still live in it, they still gotta eat, and the bumps and off color stuff mean big fish can go on the hunt with relative safety from predation of the aerial variety (i.e. big birds of prey). What does this mean for your weekend plans? Well, we’re topping the temperature charts off for this time of year lately, but it should be dropping and cooling this weekend, and bringing with it a good dose of rain. Big water just getting bigger. But these cold days after the heat wave could spell success for those willing to tough it out. Let’s see what happens. Mixed bag fishing all around, with the usual high water tactics being the focus. Streamer game on.

Coffey’s Sparkle Minnow is a nice high water chuck and duck chunk of meat. Get yourself a biggun.

If you’re headed out this weekend pack the rain gear and a whole lot of your favorite streamers and worms, and see if you can’t find some willing takers. The crowds won’t be on the river this weekend, and there are plenty of fish that will eat if you find the right spots. Look to soft water, inside bends, and anywhere the big fellas are looking to hunt. Or stay home this weekend and get tying all those flies you’ll need very soon. Spring ups and downs go by quickly and then it’s guns out all summer long. If you do hit the water this weekend, be safe and keep smiling. Spring fishing is a great time to tie into a big fish you might not see the rest of the year, and those who forget the forecast and just go when they can often find some pleasant surprises. Don’t let iffy weather ruin your plans, be prepared and switch tactics until you find what works.


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