Go When You Can

When it comes to fishing, weather forecasts are nice but by no means should dictate your plans. With the right gear and the right attitude any day on the river is going to beat a day doing yard work, or sitting at a desk, or studying for those exams. Sure, locals have the advantage of going right when the hatch is good or the weather is perfect, but even locals have to work and when the weekend comes they are as anxious as anyone to hit the water and get after it. This weekend the weather and flows around Missoula looked iffy at best, but the Missouri River was going strong and a last minute call from a good friend had me headed over the hills to see what was going on. Rain was going on. So were the blue wing olives and midges. And in between storm sets we found fish willing to eat. Sure, we ended the day wet, cold and ready for that heater blast from the truck, but it sure beat running errands and cleaning the garage. Get out while you can in the spring, and let the forecast stop the other guys.

In the slow, inside bend behind a good riffle on the Missouri River, Matt Bethke found a few nice fish while the rainclouds gathered this weekend. Be prepared for weather, and the fishing will happen.

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