Tuesday Tutorial: Sculpzilla

The Sculpzilla is one of those flies that catch more fish than it should. It drops quickly and has a jig action in the water, and that rabbit strip tail gives it a lot of action. But other than that, there ain’t nothing to it. Big eyes, a little red representing bloody gills, and a lot of wiggle in the tail, and you’ve got a fly that just plain works in lots of freestone situations that you’ll encounter on a daily basis. It elicits some violent strikes when dropped off of plunge pools and then stripped back slowly, as it jigs up and down and looks everything like a wounded baitfish to a hungry trout. This is a great streamer to have in small sizes during high water, when you can tuck it into spots quickly and let it’s natural action work it’s magic. Get a few of these going for your box and you’ll soon be thinking the same thing: How the hell does this fly do it? This tutorial from In The Riffle will have you banging them out fast.


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