Throwback Thursday: Tailwater Trips

There is fishable water around Missoula and grinding guides are getting it done wherever they are, but on a day like today when the charts look iffy all around it isn’t hard to start daydreaming about a trip over the hills to the Missouri River, where this time of year the midge and blue wing olive hatches are thick and the boat traffic is light. Well, light for the Mo. Which means you’ll do some boat dodging, but you’ll find plenty of water to fish. I’m still looking back at the weekend, and a great trip over the hills to row through the canyon in the rain. Better than yard work, and a much needed break from the freestone game. What does May hold in the cards for fishing this year? More rain if we’re lucky, lots of runoff, and more than it’s fair share of trips over the hills to the Missouri river to get it done when the rivers are blown out around town. That trip to the Mo can be a long one, but you do what you gotta to get it done. Here’s to trips over the hills while they still have their magic, and a little throwback Thursday photo to remind us just how good we’ve got it, even in the rain, even when the rivers are blown, even when the fish won’t cooperate, we’re still in Montana. And that’s pretty dang good.

Not a bad view, even in the rain. The Missouri River doesn’t disappoint.

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