Tuesday Tutorial: Coachman Clacka Caddis

Mother’s Day is a special time of the year. Just ask Hallmark. Or Shari’s Berries, they seem to be way into that stuff if you listen to any talk radio this time of year, every single pundit loves these things for their wives. But whatever, I’m on a tangent. Mother’s Day is a special day for fly anglers too, as it is an annual benchmark for the first big spring caddis hatch here in Montana. Anglers are seeing hatches on some sections of our rivers, and we’re looking forward to fish gulping caddis all season long. And a great all season caddis that does exceptionally well this time of year whenever the Mother’s Day caddis are about is the Coachman Clacka Caddis from Walter Wiese, a signature tier at Montana Fly Company. Oh boy do I like this bug – it’s got all the things I want in a fly. Simple to tie? Yep. You can bang out a bunch of these in a hurry and they don’t require any fancy moves. Widely available materials? Damn right, you can find this stuff anywhere and it is easy to substitute in your magic stuff no matter what it is. And most important, it’s buggy as all hell and fishes all day long. Good enough for you? Get behind the vise before you hit the water this weekend, just in case you find yourself in caddis country.


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