Zangs Films The Last Great Place

The upper Clark Fork is in a big rebound, and here in Missoula that’s a hell of a good thing. If you were to ask someone how the fishing is on the upper Clark fifteen years ago, hell, maybe even five years ago, you probably get a tepid response. With so many years of abuse, it seemed the Clark Fork had a long way to go. Even today it’s reputation as an incredible trout fishery hasn’t been fully restored. But it’s on the up and up, and this short video from Zang Films is a good place to start getting your hopes up for the recovery to continue. The efforts by conservationists continue, and there’s lots of room for volunteers this summer if you’re looking for a great way to make a difference on our rivers. The Clark Fork Coalition is seeking volunteers for their River Corps, and this year they’ve got a ton of great projects like adopting a section of a stream, planting seedlings along a tributary, or helping kids enjoy the best our rivers have to offer. Check out this short film, and find a way to get involved this summer. You’ll be making a difference and making memories that will last a lifetime.


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