Tying Tutorial: Clouser Minnow

With high water sending a lot of trout rats off to bass ponds for their weekend fun, I figured it was high time we featured a fly that works on so many species it qualifies as more than just a classic. The Clouser Minnow is the essential baitfish pattern, and my go-to fly for searching bucket ponds and new water where bass and other warm water species are hanging out. At first glance, this fly seems incredibly simple and straightforward, and it is with a few little tricks that make it fish right. Sure, you can lash the materials down wily nilly and it might just get the job done, but a well tied Clouser is durable and clean. This tutorial from Sightline Video is perfect for those little nuances. All sorts of colors work for this fly, and it’s worth having a few in chartreuse for those bass ponds among the more traditional colors. When you’re at the flyshop picking out your ducktail, take the time to check it out and get good, quality fibers. Buy a few, and you’ll be set for a while on this pattern. Ducktail is a cool material and the secret to the action in a lot of big streamers, though you might not need them at all when you start fishing this bad boy.


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