Todd Moen’s Deschutes Salmonflies

I love me some Todd Moen films. I love me some salmonflies. Put the two together and I’m good for a few dozen views on the old YouTube machine. We’re well into May here in Missoula, which means fishing is up and down and all over but the fish are munching mayflies, caddis and the occasional rogue stonefly but the big meals are on their way, and they know it as much as we do. Well, do they really know it with their pea-sized brains? Sure, I’m going to attribute trout with as much brains as I can. Takes the sting off when they aren’t biting. But when the salmonflies are moving, fish are too. Not too long to go before this is the word on every angler’s tongue here in Fish City. On a recent walk along the river my eight year-old daughter picked up a shuck of an early salmonfly and held it up for me to see. “I think thats a stonefly daddy!” she said, before running off to show her sister. I shook some bushes and a lone adult took off across the water and I got a little excited. The big ugly has that effect on the fish too. Get tying, goofballs. And in the meantime, this video of the salmonfly hatch on the Deschutes River should get those bobbins spinning.


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