Tuesday Tutorial:Wired Stonefly Nymph

You need to get deep these days on the freestones. Like the Blackfoot, which is fishing so good you should be skipping work. Hell, I should be skipping work. I can’t do that though, I got bills to pay and kids to feed. Instead, I’m going to give you the ammo you need to tie into a big fish this week. A good heavy fly to get down deep is a wired stonefly nymph, especially with the salmonflies getting ready to move a bit here as things progress from spring to summer. With a slim profile and all heavy, this fly really cuts through the current and gets into the good stuff. I like it as a bottom fly to get smaller, lighter flies into the upper column and let this one hit the bottom. Drop shot nymphing is a great way to keep flies right where they should be, and this fly coupled with a bead dropper to cling to the rocks will get down deep and let you work those drifts better than some of the other stonefly flies that have lots of dubbing, etc. Slim in the tail and very segmented, fish it eight inches up from the bottom and you’ll find fish while everyone else is at work. This a great fly to have as an alternative to the rubberlegs and will give you some skills that come in handy for lots of nymphs. Get after it and get these in the water soon!


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