Throwback Thursday: Low Water Worries

We’ve had a mild spring this year, with periods of too hot followed quickly by cold and rain. The fishing has been nothing short of spectacular for those that hit it right. The cold and rain I could do with a little more of, though us anglers are in the minority when it comes to that sentiment. As spring turns to summer people around here are chomping at the bit to get out the shorts and flip flops. But are we worried about low water this summer? Not especially. Sure, we worry about low water every year. Things can go dry quick and stay that way in the west, and we’re not immune to sudden prolonged weather changes. But May is shaping up nicely. A little on the warm side, but so far we’ve had a relatively mild runoff that should taper out early. Low water can be a pain to work around as a guide – no one likes hoot owl restrictions – and we’re looking forward to a summer of good flows and steady fishing. But lets not forget how quickly things can change! Here’s a little throwback shot of some low water on the lower Clark Fork, where bright sun puts fish off sooner than later, and the flats sometimes go dry until dark. Waiting out the bright sun with a little pit stop to watch the trains go by. A little sun on a rainy day for your throwback Thursday. There will be plenty more where this came from this summer.

Train a’comin. The lower Clark Fork in summer is a great place to run into some evening caddis hatches



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