Tuesday Tutorial: Strolis’ Shimmer Stone

Rich Strolis is a professional fly tier best known for huge articulated monster streamers like the Ice Pick, the Hog Snare, and the Cellar Dweller. With names like those, you know you’re in for flies destined for the meat locker. But like most of the guys famous for their catchy named streamers, Rich has some of the best signature patterns for the bug hatches that he encounters on the rivers he fishes. His Shimmer Stone is available commercially this year from Montana Fly Company, but if you like tying your own flies he has created a great tutorial for this pattern as well. I love this fly as part of a tandem nymph rig, and I like to fish it as a single stonefly when the hatch is on. Though it is a bit more complicated than some other stonefly patterns, the result is a really unique and fishy bug that will be sure to be a favorite if you give it a try.

Strolis’ Shimmer Stone is a better stonefly. Tie some up and impress your fishy friends.

I love the D-Rib body on this fly over the flashback, which gives this fly great segmentation and a two-tone effect that more effectively imitates the natural, though I’ve never seen a stonefly nymph that catches the light like this fly. Give it a shot next time you’re at the vise. Don’t be discouraged if your initial attempts aren’t prefect, because they will still fish and after a dozen or so you’ll get the proportions and techniques down. A great alternative to the old rubberlegs.


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