Weekend Warrior: Get Out and Get Bent

There are going to be a lot of bent rods on the water this weekend, wherever you head. For those fiending to find the salmonfly hatch on Rock Creek, you’re going to want to get up high to get ahead of the hatch because they are at least 20 miles up by now. Not that you won’t find fish willing to eat on the lower river, because there are plenty of secondary hatches flying around that fish are willing to take a look at. I took a quick stop on the lower end of Rock Creek yesterday and found smaller stones, mayflies, sallies and goldens, and a random caddis that might have been a moth. I’m not going to explain myself, it wasn’t my best entomology work. But, that said the lower river will be less crowded if you’re looking for a quick hour or two of fishing.

Bye, bye, bugs. These lower river salmonfly shucks are dried and crumbling, indicating that

The bigger picture is that Rock Creek isn’t the only game in town these days, with the main stems of the rivers lighting up and the bugs moving all across the system. The bugs have started moving on the lower end of the West Fork of the Bitterroot, and the conditions up there look pretty promising this week. Lower on the main stem of the Bitterroot the flows are high but the fishing could be great this weekend. Floating the upper Clark Fork could be fun, and now that every stream is open and good weather in the forecast things should be hot all over. The Blackfoot is that perfect shade of green, which means the subsurface game is going to be the name of the game up there. Reports of salmonfly nymphs on the lower river mean things should get popping with the adults in the near future. With this warm weather could this be the weekend? A lot of boats will be headed this way, so if you’re looking for some space it might not be your best choice. Speaking of crowds, the Mo is promising PMDs and caddis, but with so much open water between here and there you don’t have to hit the pass to get it done this weekend. This is looking to be a great weekend to be on the water wherever you choose, so get out there and get bent.


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