Tuesday Tutorial: Yellow Sally Stimulator

Its getting on in summer, and big fish are willing to take a dry this time of year if you’ve got what they’re eating. If you’re on our freestones, this often means they are taking the little yellow stonefly we anglers like to call a Yellow Sally. Sure, this time of year they’ve got PMDs and caddis to munch, and early golden stones are about as well, but given these choices if the yellow sallies are around the fish just seem to gobble them up. Easy flies to tie, and a lot of fun to fish. these slim little bugs are imitated well by stimulators, and this small yellow sally stimulator is perfect for getting a durable fly that floats well, and works great on those picky yellow sally eaters. Nothing like a cutthroat eating sallies, you’ll find them all over the Blackfoot when the time is right. Another great tutorial by Tightline Video, and you’ve got one heck of a fly that will run right through summer.


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