Cloud Cover Is Good

We had bright sun and high temps this weekend, and a precipitous drop in temps with some of that precipitous precipitation Tuesday, with more cloud cover and on/off rainstorms predicted for the rest of the week. What does that mean for your fishing? Good things. Missoula’s rivers fish great in the rain, and even better in cloud cover. On the Blackfoot we’re seeing the occasional golden stone and groups of green drakes, caddis and little PMDs filling in when the rain isn’t present, and on the Clark Fork we’re seeing hatches of all shapes and sizes as well. How’s the Bitterroot? Pretty damn good as well. We’re hitting the humpday this week with some good fishing to come. Just make sure you’ve got the layers for the cold stuff, because when it is raining hard and steady through the canyon you’ll know it. Good stuff getting better here in Missoula. Look for the single dry all day kind of cloud cover and get after it.

A nice early Cutthroat is a great way to start a day.



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